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So I have this beautiful website being made and now I am frozen. Why? Have you ever had so many amazing thoughts and you want to stand on a mountain and scream them to the world but you’re concerned if your thoughts will be received? Yup that is where I am at. So I’ve decided to ask myself why I started this beautiful website? I started because I have spent the last two-three years lost.

Let’s go back. I landed my dream job with a locally owned family company. Brought their dream to reality and did it with only a vision of the stories they told me. Climax over. As fast as it began it was over just like that. I thought I was destined to be this super transforming manager for this company when in hindsight I was only there to bring that vision to fruition for this particular area of operation or in military acronyms their AO. (That’s another blog for another day.)

For two or so years I floundered. Settled. Was just plain miserable, because I proved to all those who said I didn’t have enough experience, I was good enough to complete a major task such as taking their vision of the rebrand and make it real. Now to be fair to the company they dealt with my moods and snarky comments about their choices, but in all actuality it was my choice. I chose to stay and be miserable. My goodness everyone was going to suffer with me. I had convinced myself I would NEVER make the kind of money I made with them and in a way they insinuated that to its employees. That was the devil on my left shoulder. The right shoulder angel told me you made a commitment to this company and you were taught to see them through for infinity.

The day came in June I watched my first born cross the stage at her high school graduation. The light bulb went off. Eighteen years come and gone just like that and the last eight or nine I had sold my soul to the devil. Who wants to go to their boss and say “hey I need to take my daughter to her college orientation. Or can I take her graduation day off?” Seriously! Y’all never again! I called my husband on my break and said I’m giving my notice. I’m done. I can’t do it anymore. This was just a year ago.

Moms, I am here to tell you that you can do this. Don’t sell yourself for the almighty dollar. I allowed myself to be in deep, dark places those two-three years and it took away time I will never get back. Point of my story is that I had a husband and kids who supported me and found my current job by just scrolling through Facebook. In just a short six weeks my new boss has given me what I allowed to be taken away over two-three years. CONFIDENCE. PROUD. DREAM AND DREAM BIG.

It is her that I dedicate my beautiful website and kicking off my blog dreams and giving me the gentle shove to start doing it and making that dream I had into a big one. Let’s chat!


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