I’ve been pondering the questions asked in my previous blog and decided to start with “where do I want to be in ten years?”. By no means am I a fortune teller so I guess these are dreams and goals.

  • successful business owner with at least five employees
    • multiple streams of income
    • showing others how to be successful also
    • a business partner with Holly Powell
  • continue to volunteer in the schools and community
    • photographs of high school sports/add middle school
    • hold a board position in our local Chamber of Commerce
  • debt free
    • have a plan in place with my dear friend Teresa Carroll
    • give my husband financial freedom and take care of him as he has done for our family for 24 years we’ve been together
    • create an athletic scholarship for South Brunswick High School
  • real estate
    • provide affordable housing for the dual working house hold or hard working single parent
    • foundation to help those to be self-sufficient and maintain their lives with dignity and pride-more to come
  • travel
    • buy an RV with residual income to not interfere with retirement
    • visit my kids while in their respective professions
  • lead a simple life
    • nothing flashy
    • under the radar
    • remain humble
  • essential oils
    • continue to share these amazing products and give people an alternative.
    • attend a conference
    • have a minimum of 100 team mates


So where do I start? Pen, paper, and a dream. Support of family and friends are so important. Don’t forget to live life along the way and lift those up you meet along your journey. Share your ideas. Do you have a ten year plan? Share the information in the comments below and get a dialogue going.





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