I am asked regularly what is your journal prompt? Sometimes I can be very passionate on controversial topics and write a blog in a few minutes. But when I want to write something helpful it takes me a few days or weeks to lay in bed tossing and turning to get the outline written in my head. Do you ever ask why it’s so easy to write an opinion and not be the least bit ashamed of your feelings, morals, and values? Or are you worried what those might think of your feelings and your vulnerable side of your journal prompt? So I’ve decided to come up with ten journal prompts and will write a piece on them as the mood strikes. Under my tough exterior I am a human with feelings and cannot always be the tough cookie I am known to be. I am opening the door to my soul and I hope to inspire you to allow yourself the opportunity to let others in.

#1 What makes you want to pee your pants in excitement?

#2 What inspires you?

#3 What is the one demon you would like to confront within yourself?

#4 What is your fear? journal-writers-prompt

#5 What is your weakness?

#6 Are you perfect?

#7 What is your secret desire?

#8 What is your main goal?

#9 Who are you?

#10 Where do you want to be in ten years?

I picked these topics because they will make me vulnerable to my friends, colleagues, and family. Probably some things I’ve never discussed with my husband, my kids, or my mom. Transparency. I believe using journal prompts will allow for this. Do you allow yourself to be who you really are or do you put on a show on what you think people want you to be? Journaling can open many doors and windows that will allow you to connect with yourself on the next level. Taking care of you is the only way you can take care of others that mean the world to you.

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