What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered? I’ve always questioned why I am here. I’m not a big shot in a corporate office. I’m not suzy homemaker. I haven’t found a cure for cancer. 

I used to struggle daily on what the hell I’m supposed to do with my life without going against the stereotypical life of doing what everyone else wants me to do or what I think they want me to do. I constantly worried about what others thought. Waited for their approval before doing.

I will share with you some of my major life decisions that some would consider personal, but I’m real y’all.

  • I registered for college because my parents wanted me to.
  • I hid wanting to get married to my husband because my mom and dad were going through a separation and my mom refused to go look at wedding dresses with me. So my husband and I got married by justice of the peace.
  • I did the suzy homemaker thing because I thought that that’s how you love your husband.
  • I went back to work after we had kids because I thought we had to keep up with the Jones’ when in all actuality it put us in deeper debt.
  • I thought I had to be angry at the world because my husband struggled with his PTSD and he was constantly angry.
  • My husband and I went through a separation and I went back to work to seek that corporate role because I was told I told you so when you dropped out of college to get married. Would you believe I sold my soul to the devil? I eventually told that job where to go because once again I was doing what my mom wanted me to.

So during all of these years of doing what everyone else wanted me to do, I found some things I love. 

  • Photography- action shots, on the fly. Whatever the lens catches
  • Helping others succeed beyond their wildest dreams- small business owners, network marketers, helping others find their happiness. 
  • Writing
  • Sharing knowledge.
    • During my last few years as an active duty Army wife I never saw or encountered so many without basic life skills knowledge that I had to learn and figure out on my own. you-decide-your-legacy
    • Helping those do the “right” thing. The biggest life lesson is knowing when to walk away from those who don’t want to do the right thing. 

Tonight I was asked on a side gig I do to write a “fake” review for a business’ Facebook page. Do I need the money? Aboso-freakin-lutely. I mean I have a college tuition bill due this month. However I could not sacrifice my integrity, morals, or values to do this. I did not want this to be a part of my legacy. This encouraged me to write about the topic at hand that I heard on an amazing Podcast earlier this week. Check out Mark Crandell and Hal Elrod when you are out for a stroll or looking for something new to listen to on a long road trip. Try to envision what you want your legacy to be.

So what do I want my legacy to be? My core audience are my two children! I’m a team mom for the local high school. I have friends and acquaintances asking what is your secret? How can you be so positive about these ugly things being said or questionable acts being done? Simple. I cannot change someone who doesn’t want to change but I can be THE best servant for Him that I was intended to be. If I can make a difference in one person’s life or show you can disagree with how things are done and still be respectful to each other and look at the big picture, I am doing what I was put here to do. 

It just hit me like a ton of bricks, it’s not my place to question why I am here. Follow your heart. Stop fighting and do what makes you happy. I end all of my thoughts this deep with there is always something out there bigger than yourself. Life is not about you.

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