News this weekend rocked our small town that was the most unbelievable situation. We are gearing up for our biggest influx of tourists we have at any given time, but lurking in the shadows is the pain of not one, not two, but four grieving families. Murder in a small town of friends, classmates, teammates, family members, and one of them paid the ultimate price for just being. This was the second tragedy in two weeks. Three murdered, one injured, and five charged. Directly or indirectly each of these nine involved have crossed my path whether by my own children or being the focal point of my camera lens during a game of Friday night lights. unbelievable child mentoring

I’m not here to pass judgement or pretend I know it all but what I know is so many lives have forever been changed. Life’s opportunity’s are in abundance right now. We may never know why certain choices were made. All we know is we need to learn and grow from this. I don’t know what the answer is for everyone else, but for me all I can do is be a positive influence on one young persons life. If each of us do this can you imagine the difference in the world we can make?

In this blog you can find the hyper links for local volunteering opportunities in our school system and the local area. When you click this link please fill out my contact information so that I can forward your information to appropriate agency.

What are your thoughts on how to avoid the unbelievable happening in your neck of the woods? I look forward to interacting and conversing with anyone willing to make a difference in someone’s life. We have to remember there is always something out there bigger than ourselves-and it’s always someone else.

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