The Power Of Building Your Credibility Score

Why do you need it?

What is your score before reading this?

It’s been quite a few months since I have posted on my blog, but I needed that break to understand the path that was chosen for me to take is the one for me……..

Everyone talks about building good credit-financial, right? So what about your credibility as a friend, business owner, community member, etc? Do you take the time to make those “payments” on time and not to exceed your credit line?  I am completely aware you are rolling your eyes right now (because I am, lol) going she’s on her soap box again. This is meant for someone and I may or may not know who you are but here it is.

I am evolving as a business owner and when trying to explain what a Brand Promoter is I’ve been stumped. Seriously deer in the headlights look. Ask Keesha! So as I am developing my elevator pitch with a client recently they said to me “you don’t have to come to events with me. I can take care of that.” You’re shaking your head agreeing right? “I’m not paying you to hang out with me? So this is going to blow your mind- promise- get your paper and pen out……

“You’re a new business right? What is the size your circle of influence? Enough to make a difference? Would “play makers” recognize you by name or your business?”


  • Yes
  • I dunno
  • Probably not

I share this with much love and respect.

Building your credibility is hard work. It can take years. I promise you it takes a special person to be able to weed out and compartmentalize who you need in your life to make your business successful. It takes a tribe and you can’t do it alone.

So here you are you are trucking along in your business and you are networking, but your productivity is sliding. So your proverbial payment is at risk of not being made on time. What happens when you don’t make your payment? Your financial credit is going to take a hit-so essentially your customer is expecting a “payment” on time but you’ve been busy socializing to get the next order, client. Your credibility just took a hit.

Another way building your credibility can be affected is not realizing saying NO to a potential client because you don’t want to lose them or that opportunity.

Making good business decisions (just like taking an unlimited amount of credit lines) can be shadowed by instant success or fame. Of course the bank will credit you with this insane credit line because so far you’ve made good business decisions. So every offer you get in the snail mail, email, or telemarketer for a new credit card you feel awesome- it’s like receiving those calls saying I would like to talk to you more to see if we can work together. Next thing you know you are telling this person, that person absolutely I can…..whatever that is and now you maxed out all your credit lines and you can barely keep your head above water. Your credibility just took another hit.

So you’re asking Jennifer what is the point of all of this? It’s simple.


Building your brand credibility is important and maintaining it can be stressful but rewarding at the same time.

So what is your score now after reading this?


Do you need to reevaluate?


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